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Welcome to IMPREG – the world’s leading CIPP liner manufacturer and supplier for trenchless sewer and pipe rehabilitation with UV-curing technology. Our Australian warehouse IMPREG Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the global IMPREG Group. With our high-tech liners, we lead the way into the future.

Our mission “Leading the way”: We make pipe and sewer rehabilitation projects as efficient, cost effective & sustainable as possible. To accomplish this mission, the IMPREG Group has locations around the world for the economic areas APAC, EMEA and The Americas.

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Our CIPP lining products are future-oriented high-tech solutions which provide all options for the rapid, effective and economical rehabilitation of pipes of very differing diameters. We supply the largest liners in the industry and currently supply up to DN 2000. Further we have a strong technical support and after-sales service team, which can quickly and effectively solve customers’ on-site problems.

IMPREG Liner GL16 materials with high quality

GL 16 Liner Materials

  • 50+ Year Liner Lifespan
  • Highest quality UV resins
  • Especially high strength

The GL16 Liner is easy to Install and safe for the Install Team. For best efficiency we use exclusively high-quality, tested raw products and materials. After rehabilitation installing an IMPREG liner, pipe and sewer systems are securely protected for decades to come. Even under demanding loadings.

IMPREG Ultra Violet UV-Technology for Cured-in-Place-Pipe CIPP Lining trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation

Our UV Technology

  • Fastest CIPP lining method
  • Minimal Jobsite Footprint
  • Environmentally friendly

Our IMPREG Liners are cured in place using Ultra Violet (UV) Technology. The CIPP Liners are provided with specially developed impregnations, and are cured using UV light. That`s why we are able to perform a pipe rehabilitation much more quickly than using conventional processes.

Secure packaging and fast delivery of IMPREG Liners with UV-curing

Packaging & Delivery

  • Own made boxes to protect every order
  • Plant to project, we organize transit
  • International shipping support

IMPREG Liners ship in specially IMPREG-made transport boxes made from wood for added maximal protection. The inside of the transport box is additionally lined with a UV-resistant foil which provides a further protection against premature curing.

ESG Strategy

IMPREG has formed an ESG strategy to reduce the manufacturing footpring.

So we ensure to drive the agenda of sustainability in the way we manufacture our products, our products are installed, we conduct business with our customers and partners, and the way we govern our company.

With our Environment, Social, Governance  strategy, we will create a better industry and a better company for all stakeholders and for the society.

ESG Sustainability strategy of IMPREG Pty. Ltd.

Case Studies

Our case studies show you our high-tech IMPREG Liners worldwide in use on construction sites for sewer and wastewater pipe rehabilitation. Learn more about why we leading the way for best CIPP lining solutions in Australia and all over the world.

First DN 2000 UV-curing worldwide in Parma, Italy

  • Length: 164 m
  • WT: 11 mm
  • DN 2000

In cooperation with our partner Prokasro we realized this great project. The IMPREG liner GL16 (without peroxide) with a weight of 22 tons was used. The old pipe to be rehabilitated was stable on its own and had no deformations. Small cracks and leaky sockets, which in the long term would have endangered the adequate water supply for the adjacent wheat fields through exfiltration required prompt action. By installing the liner, the sewer could be sealed and the supply of sufficient water to the agricultural area is now assured.

The World’s Largest Installed CIPP Rehabilitation in New York

  • Length: 100 m
  • WT: 18 mm
  • Diameter: 72 inch

IMPREG set a World Record in Trenchless CIPP Wastewater Infrastructure Restoration in New York. The 72 inch liner installed for the New York Department of Transportation in collaboration with partners Arold Construction was the World’s Largest Installed CIPP Rehabilitation in 2018. Since this project, IMPREG has broken its own record of largest liners installed but we will never forget the thrill of designing and innovating this CIPP Liner.

The largest UV-Liner without peroxide in UK

  • Length: 42 m
  • WT: 15,5 mm
  • DN 1800

Rehabilitation of a storm sewer in Corby (Northamptonshire). The Lanes Group – national industry leader for drainage and wastewater maintenance – installed its largest UV liner to date. With a proud length of 42 meters, it is currently the largest UV-CIPP liner ever installed in the UK. Our globally trusted IMPREG Liner GL16 was selected for this modern and efficient pipe-lining solution (NO-Dig). Another breakthrough in UK in cooperation with ProKASRO.

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IMPREG Production Sites

As a global company, we currently have three regions with a total of four manufacture locations and three warehouses, all supplying hightech CIPP liners. We also have 3 sales offices for quickly and best customer services. Here you can see the headquarters for the economic areas APAC, EMEA and Americas.

IMPREG Production site China - CIPP lining solutions APAC


Production Site Asia

IMPREG Suzhou Co., Ltd.
Building-No.1, No.198 Beijing Road (E)
T. E. Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Telefon: +86 512 33060131
Fax: +49 7073 30031-19


IMPREG Group Headquarters and Production Site - CIPP Liner Solutions EMEA


Production Site Germany

Eisenbahnstraße 32
72119 Ammerbuch

Telefon: +49 7073 30031-0
Fax: +49 7073 30031-19


Production Site IMPREG LLC - CIPP Liner manufacterer Americas


Production Site USA
8000 Whitepine Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Office: +1-804-303-4507
Fax: +1-1-804-303-4540


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